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How is the program for the weekend?2018-03-22T11:24:00+01:00

Supercool. Read here

Where can we stay?2019-02-26T17:50:54+01:00

We are listing a few alternatives under ACCOMODATION. All hikes and activities start from Hotel Riviera Strand. If you want to live close to everything, we recommend that you stay here. On the page ACCOMODATION there is a special offer at this nice hotel.
There are also other super-friendly hotels and guest houses close by. Most of the alternatives in Båstad are presented on

Will there be a guide?2018-03-20T10:22:44+01:00

All tours are guided by a host, but no trained guide (with the exception of Guided tour through the history of Båstad and Hovs Hallar). The hosts are lovely people who are passionate about hiking, nature and Bjäre Peninsula and want to give you a really good experience.

Where should we gather?2018-03-20T10:23:54+01:00

Registration is made at Hotel Riviera Strand. From here you also leave to the hiking tours.

Do you help us with transportation?2018-08-16T13:49:22+01:00

Yes, every morning we departure from Hotel Riviera Strand by bus. You will be informed about your starting time a week before the event.
You will also get bus transport back to Hotel Riviera Strand at the end of the day

What time does the walk start?2020-02-29T19:00:23+01:00

The start time is specified in the description of the respective hike. It may be adjusted. Exact start time is announced 2 weeks before the event.

In which language does the guide take place?2018-03-20T10:27:26+01:00

Swedish and English. Fill in your request at the time of registration.

Can I bring my dog?2019-02-26T17:46:27+01:00

We like dogs, but unfortunately some people are allergic. We therefore have limited dog participation to the hike Axeltorpsravine and vistas of Båstad. Have the dog on leash and only bring if it is happy and can behave among other dogs