See you again Oktober 15-17, 2021

With foot-straight shoes, you invest in your health.
Participate in a digital raffle for shoes and socks.

MBT skor
MBT shoes have a positive effect on the whole body:
• Reduced load on the knee, back and hip joints
• Can relieve heel spur and sunken forefoot
• Increased muscle activity
• Increased blood circulation
• Improved posture
• Improved balance
MBT are present at After-Hike. You who try on a pair of shoes have the opportunity to win a pair of any model.

We love to inspire and make life more fun for everyone active.
With us you will find a wide range of hiking poles and other outdoor products.
Offer: 20% on hiking poles Gipron 315 FERRATA, Gipron 312 and Gipron 759
Plus: 20% on all socks, 20% on outdoor food
Use discount code: bh20 . Valid until Oct 14.

Light My Fire
Eat outdoors. Our partner Light My Fire has opened a new world of nice and environmental friendly products.
Use disount code bastadhiking20 and get 10% off all products from Light My Fires. Valid until october 15.

Photo from Båstad Hiking Festival 2020


Sustainability is important. For our participants and for us organizers. We want to be proud of our event and try to be a role model among events that take place.

We try to twist and turn every detail to find the most climate-smart solutions. To help in our work, we use our Environmental Policy.

Link to Environmental Policy

See the film and remember a nice weekend in October

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The Båstad Hiking Festival was supported by Leader during the first two years through the project Active Lifestyle.
It gave the event an extra helping to develop from idea to being established.
Read more about Leader here.