HIKES 2018

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Here are presentations of our hikes. On the Friday there are two activities and on Saturday and Sunday you can choose between 8 hikes. Choose your favourite per day. The Friday hike is available for you who is participating the whole weekend.

The hikes are now fully booked and the registration is closed.

Friday, October 12th

Guided walk through the History of Båstad

Host: Båstad Turism och Näringsliv

Båstad with its beach promenade, wood and many quiet little streets is perfect for a guided walk near the sea. Why not combine exercise with joyful discoveries? Starting from the Hotel Riviera Strand you will make a real and historical journey through Båstad together with Guide Ingrid Persson Skog. There will be scenic stops at intriguing monuments from the Bronze Age onwards. The impressive medieval church is a must just like for instance charming old streets, the Centrecourt and the harbour. The history of Båstad is very rich. Naturally it deals with fires, wars, tourists, sports and local celebrities, but how exactly did Greta Garbo. John F. Kennedy, the Nobel family and Hugh Grant get into the picture?

Departure and arrival: Hotel Riviera Strand
Distance: 6 km
Duration: approx. 2 h
Trail: easy. Mostly flat; asphalt, gravel and forest paths
Price: free of charge

Experience the Coast of Bjäre at sea

Host: Spirit Event

Go on a seal safari to Hallands Väderö and experience on ofe Sweden’s biggest seal colonies. Admiring the beautiful Bjäre coast from the sea is part of the package. During a seal safari you will have the chance to explore the beautiful Bjäre coast at sea. By boat we will pass the small fishing village of Kattvik, watch the dramatic cliffs rising at Hovs hallar and pass the meadows at Hov. After a couple of nautical miles we will reach Hallands Väderö, where one of Sweden’s biggest harbour seal colonies is found. A great number of bird species breed here too.
When approaching the seals we will switch off the engines, enjoying the wonderful area before going back to the harbour.
The day after people will be hiking along many of the places we pass.

Departure & arrival: Båstad harbour
Time: Friday at. 15-17
Price: 400 SEK, including trip by RIB boat, sea equipment and guide.

Saturday and Sunday, October 13th-14th

Hike on Skåneleden Ängelbäcksstrand – Torekov (No 1)

Host: Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap och Skåneleden

Meet the sea and its beautiful surroundings on a hike along the southern part of Bjärehalvön (the Bjäre Peninsula). Find out more about exciting cultural history and get tips on other local and regional hiking gems from your guides. We will start from Ängelbäcksstrand, following the hiking trail named Skåneleden to Torekov Harbour. In Torekov you will have time to walk on your own before the bus leaves for the after-hike event of the day. The tour is suitable for hikers with some experience as well as beginners, fit enough to master a day hike in partially undulating terrain.

Departure and arrival: Ängelsbäcksstrand – Torekov
Distance: 13 km
Duration: approx. 4 h
Trail: average; slightly undulating; gravel, paths and beach meadows
Price: free of charge

Coastal hike from Ängelsbäcksstrand to Hovs hallar (No 2)

Host: Land och Hav i Båstad

This is a solid hike on Skåneleden along the coast of Bjärehalvön. The first part runs on the southern side with a view of the bay and Kullahalvön (the Kulla Peninsula). We will walk on beach meadows and juniper pasture land, suddenly mixed with marshy areas and small pools. There we might find many rare species.
By noon we will reach Torekov, a genuine fishing village with 19th-century buildings and fishing huts. Located in the harbour are the sea captains’ traditional hot baths. People lived by fishing and shipping, but farming and brick production were important too.
In the afternoon we will head for Hovs hallar. The terrain is more demanding; more hills and some pebbly beaches have to be passed. At Hovs hallar the Ridge of Halland encounters the sea. The rocks consist of red gneiss with streaks of amphibolite. The hike will take us past sea stacks and caves, shaped by the water.

Departure and arrival: Ängelsbäcksstrand – Hovs hallar
Distance: 24 km
Duration: approx. 6 h
Trail: average/difficult. Undulating; gravel, paths and beach meadows
Price: free of charge

Beech woods and wonderful views from Hallandsåsen (No 3)

Host: Friluftsfrämjandets lokalavdelning Ängelholm-Båstad

This hike will take you up on the Ridge of Halland, giving you marvellous views of the surrounding bays. Then let us ramble through the woods of Hålehall, Älemosse and Lyaheden and places where the local 16th-century guerrilla men lived and operated. We will experience a part of Skåne resembling northern Sweden, while enjoying the autumn colours of the southernmost province.

Departure and arrival: Hotel Riviera Strand – Förslöv
Distance: 22 km
Duration: Approx. 6 hrs
Trail: Average/difficult. Partly hilly; gravel roads and forest trails
Price: Free of charge

Nature and film hike in Torekov and Hovs hallar (No 4)

Host: Språkguiden

We will start in Torekov, a picturesque fishing village, currently appearing in a Swedish film named Solsidan. Then we will continue along the coast, across beach meadows and pebbly areas to Hovs hallar. Hovs hallar is the result of Bjärehalvön’s powerful encounter with the sea. Here scree slopes, pebbly beaches and fascinating rock formations show the mighty forces of nature.
This area is a pure magnet for famous film directors. Film buffs dream of seeing the place where Death and the Knight play their game of chess in Ingmar Bergman’s classic film The Seventh Seal. In 2017 Hovs hallar, as one of ten (!) sites in Europe was awarded the title Treasure of European Film Culture. Film director Ingmar Bergman was born 100 years ago. What would be more suitable than a guided hike, presenting the long list of well-known and beloved films linked to Bjärehalvön?

Departure and arrival: Torekov – Hovs hallar
Distance: 15 km
Duration: approx. 6 h
Trail: average: Varied terrain, sometimes demanding; gravel, paths on gravel and rocks
Price: free of charge

Nature Hike on Hallands Väderö (No 5)

Host: Torekovs by

Hallands Väderö is the mini-archipelago of Bjärehalvön. This landscape is a fascinating mix of beech woods, swamps, pasture land and coastal rocks. In proportion to its size it is one of the most species-rich places in Sweden.
We will go by boat from picturesque Torekov and on the island we will meet a peaceful nature reserve with many meetings and stories close to nature. In the course of the day we will walk round the entire island; in the west you will find the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper’s dwellings. In the south a small, idyllic harbour and the Väderö Museum. Listen carefully, maybe you will hear the famous scream of spring, coming from Ronja Robbersdaughter, a famous Astrid Lindgren character, in the forest with its thick carpet of white spring flowers. The harbour seals are a well-known and cherished feature off the island. They were protected in 1966 and since then the seal colony has increased from about ten to several hundred seals. The last part of the day before the ferry departs from Torekov you will have time to find your own favourite spots.

Departure and arrival: Torekov, ferry to Väderön
Distance: 10 km
Duration: approx. 5 h
Hiking level: easy. Varied terrain; forest paths and beach meadows
Price: 200 SEK, including ferry ticket and admission to the island

Adventure Hike at Hovs hallar (No 6)

Host: Spirit Event

Join a hike with a touch of adventure!
We will go to the picturesque little harbour at Kattvik by RIB boat. This hike goes from Kattvik through the forest, along the coast and an incredibly beautiful part of Bjärehalvön and Skåneleden. On the way we will stop and tell you about the surroundings. We may come across “the mountain goats” that live here and see some very special places and views.
Having reached one of the hilltops at Hovs hallar you will have the chance to try rappelling (no previous experience required). Rappelling is a safe and fun way of getting down a steep rock by means of a rope. Our trained instructors with many years of experience of rappelling will go through the safety procedure very thoroughly before it is time to lean backwards and get off the top and into the abyss.
A day out of doors with both pleasure and some adrenalin.

Departure and arrival: Hotel Riviera Strand – Hovs hallar
Distance: 7 km
Duration: approx. 6 h
Trail: average/difficult. Partially very hilly; gravel and forest paths
Price: 600 SEK, including RIB boat, rappelling and all safety equipment

Hiking, birdwatching and bird photography introduction in Sinarpsdalen (No 7)

Host: Sindre Magnusson

Experience rolling Sinarpsdalen with its ancient landscape, rich in species. The combination of pasture land, creek ravines, deciduous forests, swamps and stone walls creates a diversity of conditions, especially favourable to small birds. It is possible to see about 90 species, but we believe that we will spot about 30 – 50, depending on the weather. The migration of birds will be in full swing, so we can see a mixture of species of birds that are stationary in Sinarpsdalen and birds on their way south. We will be looking for common linnet, European goldfinch, hawfinch, marsh tit, long-tailed tit, coal tit, Eurasian treecreeper, winchat, northern wheatear, black redstart, common redstart, yellowhammer, common reed bunting, dunnock, grey wagtail, mistle thrush, redwing, song thrush, chiffchaff, garden warbler, common whitethroat, spotted flycatcher, parrot crossbill, wood lark, white-throated dipper, meadow pipit, tree pipit and red-backed shrike. With our spotting scopes we may focus on birds of prey in the sky: western marsh harrier, hen harrier, rough-legged buzzard, Eurasian hobby, common buzzard, red kite, Eurasian sparrowhawk, merlin and common kestrel.
The last part of the hike will be on the coast line, where we will look for sea birds. On Saturday at Hovs Hallar, on Sunday at the beach at Båstad Harbour.
The hike is led by Sindre Magnusson who lives in Sinarpsdalen and has been birdwatching since childhood. In cooperation with Peter Elmqvist from Olympus Sverige you will be given a unique opportunity to try bird photography.
No previous knowledge required – the bird hike is mainly intended for beginners, but if you have a knowledge of birds already you are most welcome to participate.

Departure and arrival: Sinarpsdalen
Distance: 6 km
Duration: approx. 4 h
Trail: easy. Partially slightly hilly; forest paths and meadows
Price: 300 SEK, including professional bird guide, loan and instruction of camera equipment

Food Walk in Sinarpsdalen (No 8)

Host: Lindegrens

Join a food walk through scenic Sinarpsdalen. Lindegrens will tell you about the area, their organic farming, about the food and the produce, everything spiced with a pinch of local tall stories. Along the hike we will meet the grazing cows – traditional native breeds like the Swedish red poll and the Swedish mountain cattle – and maybe even the Linderöd pigs rooting in the valley. There will be several food stops and samples during the hike. Naturally the ingredients come from Lindegrens delicatessen store and from local farmers and food crafters. The hike goes through a beautiful, rolling landscape, with traces of many past generations.
Departure & arrival: Lindegrens farm shop in Sinarpsdalen.

Departure and arrival: Lindegrens gårdsbutik i Sinarpsdalen
Distance: 10 km
Duration: approx. 6 h
Hiking level: easy. Slightly undulating; forest paths, farmland and meadows
Price: 650 SEK, including food stops and local food samples

Coastal hiking from Båstad to Hovs hallar (No 9)

Host: Båstad Tourism

We start at Riviera Strand Hotel and walk along the beachfront to the cozy harbor of Båstad. From here we follow the promenade to fabulous Norrviken gardens. We visit the beautiful style gardens and enjoy the views. The walk continues from here along the coast and winding country roads. We pass, among other things, Knösen, the highest point on Bjärehalvön. We finish at another highlight – Hov’s halls, a dramatic landscape where Hallandsåsen meets the sea.

Only Saturday
Departure and arrival: Hotel Riviera Strand and Hovs hallar och Hovs hallar
Distance: 13 km
Duration: approx 6 hrs, incl. a visit to Norrviken Gardens
Trail: Average/difficult. Mostly gravel, asphalt, partly steep.
Price: Free of charge