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In addition to wonderful hikes we have other activities to offer, to give you an extra experience.

Experience the Coast of Bjäre at sea

Host: Spirit Event

Go on a seal safari to Hallands Väderö and experience on ofe Sweden’s biggest seal colonies. Admiring the beautiful Bjäre coast from the sea is part of the package. During a seal safari you will have the chance to explore the beautiful Bjäre coast at sea. By boat we will pass the small fishing village of Kattvik, watch the dramatic cliffs rising at Hovs hallar and pass the meadows at Hov. After a couple of nautical miles we will reach Hallands Väderö, where one of Sweden’s biggest harbour seal colonies is found. A great number of bird species breed here too.
When approaching the seals we will switch off the engines, enjoying the wonderful area before going back to the harbour.
The day after people will be hiking along many of the places we pass.

Departure & arrival: Båstad harbour
Time: Friday at. 15-17
Price: 400 SEK, including trip by RIB boat, sea equipment and guide.

Kick-Off and inspiration lecture by Oskar Kihlborg

Oskar is one of Sweden’s most experienced adventurers. He has over 25 years of experience in a variety of adventures; ranging from climbing, diving, sailing, kayaking, boating, flying and skiing.
His curiosity and willingness to explore new ways has taken him into adventures in environments ranging from jungle to arctic climate. Oskar became the first Swedish person to reach the top of Mount Everest in 1990, together with Mikael Reuterswärd. He has also participated in five expeditions to Himalaya and he
has hit world record in sailing across the Atlantic.
During the Båstad Hiking Festivals kick-off, Oskar will tell you how his challenges in vulnerable situations gave him tools throughout life and how these can be used in everyday life and professional life.

Location: Hotel Rivera Strand
Time: Friday at. 20-21
Cost: Free
Other: The inspiration seminar is available for you booking the whole weekend.
A 2-course dinner can be booked for the kick-off. The dinner is included in the Weekend food package for 950 SEK.


After Saturday and Sunday walks we end with an after-hike. Then we gather together the whole gang that has been wandering around the Bjäre Peninsula.
We hang out, share with us experiences, also we will offer activities and well-deserved food & beverage.

Location: Hovs Hallar on Saturday and Hotel Riviera Strand on Sunday
Time: Saturday at. 16-17.30, Sunday at. 15-16.30
Cost: Free
Other: Food and drink during After-Hiken is booked separately (is included in food package).
Food package Saturday and Sunday costs 300 SEK incl. lunch and food and drinks at After-Hike.
Food package Weekend costs 950 kr incl. 2-course dinner, 2 lunches and food and drinks at After-Hike Saturday and

Morning Yoga

Start your day with morning Yoga. Morning Yoga is a soft yoga class for all levels, designed to warm up your body and prepare it for a day of hiking. The class will be taught in English by Cura Oliveira.

Location: Hotel Riviera Strand
Time: 7-8 am
Cost: Free of charge
Other: Registration for the yoga class takes place on your arrival